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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone Manually For Better Features

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4. After S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 was the best Smartphone with a number of incredible features. As it supports KitKat latest Android version due to which people have a large access to number of Apps and other features. But despite of it, you do not have a complete access to all features of Android at Play Store. Therefore, in this article we have shared a complete process How to Root this Smartphone. Why people want to root S4? The reason is that people want more and more features on their Device to enjoy more and more. The rooting gives you access to number of Applications, updates, better performance and other blocked features on Android. Let us look at more description.


Before going to Root your Smartphone, we want to tell you that the rooting can damage your Smartphone permanently and it is a long process of about 1 to 2 hours. If you want to avoid such situation fully charge your Smartphone. You must have Micro USB Data Cable, 1 GB MicroSD Card and PC with internet connection.
Still if you are interested to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 then go for the following steps.

Initial Steps for How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

  • You need to install Samsung USB Drivers on your PC.
  • Install Android Terminal Emulator App on your Smartphone.
  • Also download and extract Root Exploit kit on your PC from XDA Developers Forum.
  • Your MicroSD Card format should be exFat and no other format is compatible for rooting.
  • You can format your MicroSD Card by connecting SD Card with PC and formatting it. If the formatting is correct then you can proceed otherwise you will encounter some problems during rooting.

Few Steps How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

  • Transfer all files from Root Exploit kit from your PC to MicroSD Card and insert Card into Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Open Android Terminal Emulator from your S4 and run cd /mnt/extSdCard (mounts your SD card), then ./pwn (gives root access to your device) and then ./ (makes that root access permanent) commands.
  • After entering these commands go to the Play Store and install latest SuperSU App.
  • Open this App and it will update automatically.
  • Then install Root Checker App from Play Store and run this App on your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Download and install the Root Checker App from the Google Play Store. It will tell you whether you have successfully rooted your Smartphone or not.
  • In the end reboot your Galaxy S4 by pressing the power button.

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