San Andres, a coral island among Columbia Islands in Carribean Sea

San Andres is a coral island in the Caribbean islands belongs to Columbia. This place was colonized by the British, which is a well-known military base known as Pirata Morgan. And now is one of the destinations of the Caribbean more accessible to visit. At fair value, the rhythm of life and the sea is quite amazing provides benefits to society.

San Andres is famous for which is seven colors of the sea and although it seems to be just a catchphrase, it is a place with a variety of colors in the sea. Variations of green and blue are toasting visitors before they arrive at the beach. Swim in the sea, irresistible, very nice to escape the heat of the tropics or observe various species of fish thanks to the crystal clear water and good visibility.

There are no shortage beaches on the island for swimming and walks. The most popular beach is the Peatonal, which is in the center and has few waves. Rent a golf cart is the best way to slowly circulate and get to know the beautiful places, as West View and San Luis (a residential neighborhood where they speak loud quietness and unpretentious atmosphere of a place that escapes the modernization of a large capital).
Do not forget to visit also, Olho Soprador, a hole in the stone that releases wind due to the force of the waves, and take a tour through Aquário and Johnny Cay, neighboring islands that superlatives fail to describe - Go and finds its beauties!

Enjoy delicious food and visit some shops are the constant activity in the tourist trip. The price invited to eat at a good restaurant or product in the stores at a good price. Enjoy eating shrimp and lobster without even thinking your pocket.

La Plaza Mayor De Madrid

Plaza Mayor Of Madrid-- A historic square, scene of some of the major events in Madrid, as the beatification of San Isidro, old bullfighting or the court of inquisition, all episodes experienced in the square, like the three fires: in 1631, 1672 and 1790 are carefully stamping in four major supports for light iron, get close to them and you will see how they are worked.

The main square is beautiful enclosed in a square rectangular shape with a few entries, look at the old houses all painted. Just as the plaza de sol it also has a statue of a horse in the center, this time of Felipe III, the creator of the site. The houses have historical names, most painted their House of Panaderia which often hosts free art exhibitions. Only by the building is already worth entering.

The plaza is surrounded by numerous cafes, restaurants and shops of souvenirs. As this is one of the most touristic places in Madrid, also is one of the most expensive, do not confuse! Expensive with better, thus, escape from there especially at lunchtime.
If you are lucky you will come face to face with musicians, artists, clowns or puppets statue that perform their daily performances both in the plaza, and in its vicinity, to take photos, leave a small contribution - or artist may be angry. A penny is enough!
Worth entering and leaving the Plaza Mayor several times, each alley reveals a secret, or a good place to take photos ... when tired return to the plaza de sol .... get out by a different door, even if you lose a bit (which probably will happen ... the streets around there are all crazy) worthwhile.
If you are visiting Madrid during between Christmas and New Year, you will find the plaza crowded with stools costumes and find a lot of people dressed up walking down the street, as well as grapes and lottery tickets, it is also part of the usual Madrileño for the new year.

Los Roques | The Paradise Of Venezuela

Los Roques Archipelago

The Los Roques Archipelago is a group of islands belonging to Venezuela. Located approximately 170 kilometers from the capital of Caracas in the open Caribbean Sea, the island has about 50 islands and a number of attractions for tourists, most of whom are couples and young people who are looking for beautiful beaches. Although accessible by private boat coming from various locations, the primary means of getting to the islands is via flights departing almost every day from Caracas, Maracaibo and Porlamar.

Los Roques Aerial View

As approach the island by air, tourist see what is actually in the Caribbean.  Down there, shades of clear blue and green mixed and shows the unimaginable color card . Crystal clear sea, floating boat and sandbars perfect vision of paradise.

Small Airport in Grand Roque

The small airport of Los Roques is on the island Gran Roque, the most populated region, which is also where concentrated major hotels, hostels and the other small infrastructure of the place. In Gran Roque you must pay a mandatory fee to visit the area, because, to face a legitimate need to maintain the existing Marine National Park since 1972.

Los Roques Diving

One of the major highlights of Los Roques is the wide variety of options to enjoy. Lovers of diving, for example, will feast on the excellent alternatives, among them we highlight Boca de Cote, Las Salinas and La Guasa.

Because of its great biodiversity, diving enthusiasts can revel in this season one of the most beautiful reservoirs of marine life in Venezuela, which has three highly diverse ecosystems as are coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove communities.

Los Roques Sunbathing

For those seeking beaches to relax, swim and sunbathe, chances are no less extensive. Unlike, white sand and calm, clear waters, ideal for bathers, are abundant in Los Roques. The most famous islands for this are Francisquí, Madrisqui and Crasqui that the example of dive sites, are accessed by boat from Gran Roque.

Cruising on a Cargo Ship

Fancy sailing the oceans but with no hordes of folks that have a cruise liner? If that's the case, then cargo cruising might be a somewhat offbeat option. Mike Uglow reports from his vessel of preference, the bahia castillo, on its long-distance journey from Philadelphia to Sydney.

What exactly is it?

Cargo cruising has existed for a while, but it's now gaining some traction among well-heeled travelers searching for that newest adventure. Essentially it calls for hopping onboard a completely functioning cargo ship, sailing a few of the world’s most widely used shipping routes and visiting destinations that lots of cruise itineraries call at, with no crowds.

Don’t be fooled though; it’s expensive and you will be on the ocean for weeks - sometimes not able to disembark at ports (Colombian docks at Sam aren’t for gringos). Plus you will find occasional treacherous seas (Hurricane Sandy ripped into us before targeting Ny this past year).

My vessel, the Bahia Castillo, is really a 41,000 tonne container ship that travels 22,500km in around 35 days from Philadelphia to Sydney. Passengers on cargo ships purchase their cabin, food and also the freedom to maneuver the vessel whenever they please. The cabins arc spacious, functional and comfy. The ship requires a more three passengers so pricier a sizable supper party and lead in times arc of ten around a couple of years because the demand is high.

So why do it?

You receive the opportunity to see firsthand how goods circle the planet and also to understand the logistics involved. Plus you satisfy the individuals who make it.

On anyone voyage the Bahia Castillo may carry as much as 450 different commodities, which range from frozen treats, ammunition. Scotch whisky or perhaps tractor tyres for that Australian mining industry.
Passengers get better knowledgeable about the crew, whether it’s around the bridge, within the engine room or perhaps in the dinner hall.

Then there’s the raw excitement while you walk from bow to stern under containers stacked five high with a rolling sea.

Or sit atop the bow from the ship immediately over the water because it carves with the ocean. It’s an ethereal solo experience and also the most serene feeling - complete tranquility using the occasional whale turtle or dolphin for company.

Things to remember?

Cargo cruise vacations are a costly mode of travel. Shipping companies charge around £170 ($292) each day. There are visas a large compulsory insurance fee to indemnify against ship diversion, and, if you’re flying to your starting place, an expensive one-way air travel.

But it’s not every not so good news. The captain runs a drinks store as well as for three euros you'll have a three litre flagon of wine, a litre of spirits (vodka is 2 euros) or 12 cans of Fosters.

Who operates cargo cruises?

Cargo ship firms that take passengers from Australia include NSB, Hamburg Sud, Reederei Thomas Schulte and CMA CGM, which transpires with own the world’s largest container ship, the Marco Polo. Tours is often booked directly or book via a cargo ship cruise specialist for example Freighter Expeditions. Prices for any one-way trip in one cabin vary from $4700 for any 25-day cruise towards the US west coast to $6100 for any 39-day visit to the united kingdom. To learn more, visit

Plan your adventure in Raystown Lake water park

Raystown Lake water park
The Raystown Lake water park is the perfect outdoor activities. Sports, tradition, heritage, beautiful places and education are classified as the top draws for guests in Huntingdon County, PA; within the Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.

The 8,300-acre, 30-mile long Raystown Lake was made at the begining of 1970s and it is a well known water vacation spot choose from fishers, boating fans, kayakers and all sorts of water activity hobbyists. The Raystown Lake Recreation Area encourages just about Two million people each year towards the lake along with the public land around it for world-class sportfishing, camping, hunting, mountain biking, water activies, picnics and much more in beautiful places that's been rated as a few of the 100 Best Scenic Views across the nation by's The Camping Club! Raystown Lake is a well-liked spot for swimming and waterskiing for everyone.

Make sure to take the mountain bikes for that Allegrippis Trails at Raystown Lake. The Allegrippis Trails are listed as a few of the top single track mtb trails in The united states by Mens Journal magazine. Greater than 30 miles of single track trails connect for endless probabilities of traveling in The Alleghenies with the forests and shoreline of Raystown Lake around the Allegrippis Trails. The trails are designated as "multi-use" for biking, hiking, take the camera and revel in the best trails obtainable in The united states.

With lots of outdoor public areas, the Raystown Lake Region has programs aplenty to inhale the fresh air, walk-through the forest or benefit from the unspoiled shoreline scenery of Raystown Lake. So take the boots, kayak and mountain bike to actually make the most from your sojourn in Huntingdon County. If you have been spots to unwind and unwind which are liberated to access - like Trough Creek State Park with Rainbow Falls and Balanced Rock, Whipple Dam State Park for any beach alternative and Greenwood State Park using its first class historical exhibits and hiking trail access.

For further info and lake raystown cabin rentals please take a look at / (888) 729-7869