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Auto Reboot/ Auto lock Solution Yureka, Yuphoria

About all the Yureka and Yuphoria users has got cyanogen 12.1 update on Yureka, Yureka Plus and Yuphoria. This update has solved so many problem and bugs present in Cyanogen 12. But now the major issues smartphones facing are auto rebooting, auto sleep, auto lock. So here we have solution for that issue.
The best solution for above problems is formatting your phone. But users don't want to loose there data so follow the steps given bellow. By following these steps you will not loose your data.


  1. Go to settings, then open themes. Now just select default theme.
  2. Go to accounts in setting and delete your Google account and Cyanogen account.
  3. Not go to apps in settings and find Google app. Delete all data of Google app.
  4. Now delete all data of Google play Services.
  5. Now tun off your phone.
  6. Long press volume up + Volume Down + Power button, All together.  Now you system will boot to recovery mode.
  7. Select Wipe catch partition. It will take 3 to 4 minutes.
  8. After wiping completes. select reboot system now.

You are done guys now.
Now go to settings followed by accounts and log in to your Google and Cyanogen accounts.

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